The Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders and the 21st century youths of the Niger Delta is in total support of several resolutions of various agitators and NGOs for the total resource control and fiscal federalism as the only panacea for the different maladies plaguing the region.


The Niger Delta has spoken with a very loud voice; resource control, fiscal federalism and devolution of power. We equally advise Niger delta youths and agitators to shun all acts of criminality and other social vices that are inimical to the socio-economic progress of the region. We strongly advise the youths that they don’t have to kill military personnel to mop up guns because the era of physical confrontation is long gone.


We have passed that era and it is history now because this is the 21st century youths and the Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders that are in charge now. The military personnel are suffering the same marginalization and oppression like us. Go to the military barracks all over the country and see for yourself how fallen heroes and brave soldier’s wives and children are suffering. The families of these soldiers are totally neglected and abandoned to their fates as there are no provisions for their families’welfare.


We urge the youths to shun armed confrontation with security personnel because the military personnel are equally cannon fodder in an elite conspiracy to steal and pillage the resources of the Niger delta. We equivocally reiterate our stance disowning the leadership of PANDEF which has not found it worthwhile to speak about the killings of Niger delta citizens in bakassi peninsula by the Cameroonian gendarmes and the federal government of Nigeria that has not made any official statement or done anything to mitigate the plight of these Niger Deltans. Instead, what we are witnessing is harassment of Niger Deltans along Bayelsa-Delta creek in their never ending greedy quest for Niger delta oil.


We would want to ask if this murdered bakassi indigenes were of Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo extraction, if the federal government wouldn’t have at least sent a fact finding team to ascertain the situation on ground. The federal government should be reminded that the militarization and intimidation of the Niger deltans has never been the solution to the agitation. The only solution to agitation is total resource control and fiscal federalism.


Until this is done, a zillion troops cannot protect those pipelines. We are also aware of a section of the political north to ramp up bombing and insecurity in the north east to use it as a bulwark to capture political power in 2019, just as they did in 2015, though foisting an ineffectual political leadership in the country, we advise them to thread with caution, what worked in 2015 would not necessarily work in 2019.


The same means that pipelines were blown to bring our production to 800barrels a day from 2.5million can be activated again. We want the federal government to realize that the same way we blow and destroy one pipeline is the same way we are capable of blowing and destroying all pipelines in 24hours because we have the records and maps of all pipelines and exporting terminals.


The white shark, the custodian of the aquatic heritage is just waiting for the D-day. It is time for the federal government to know that all agitation in the country today is born out of marginalization and oppression as championed by our late hero, Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro. The federal government should act fast because there is no time, as the clock is ticking.


We advise all our brothers in the struggle to refrain from physical confrontation and killing of military personnel because our fight is not with the soldiers but to control of our God-given resources as a day has been set aside to stop oil exploration and exportation in the Niger Delta and when that day comes, heaven would not fall.


W01 Izon-Ebi

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