We the members of the Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders and other recognized active agitators, even in unison with the ex-militants hereby unanimously pass a vote of no confidence on Rtd. Brigadier Paul Boro, SA to the FG on the Amnesty program. This clarion call for his resignation is sequel to the multifarious and shoddy manner in which he is handling the office, since his inception. The unacceptable nature of Boro has nothing but dehumanization, betrayal, humiliation, pain and sudden death to beneficiaries of the program.

Boro who is a grandson of the oil rich region has performed woefully to the dismay of brethren and kinsmen. We want to state equivocally that his appointment is a slap to us, it would have been better if a northerner was appointed to head that ministry, the same PMB chose his brother to man the petroleum sector. It is very worrisome and disappointing to note that instead of liaising or mediating between the ex-militants and the FG to find lasting peace and ensuring the smooth payment of their stipends, he Boro is practically improvising a whip for the FG to lash the backs of the hapless niger delta youths.

We regret to say that his presence in helm of affairs in the ministry is really dire loss of man-power and resources. For his futile efforts to bring sanity and retain the cordial relationship enjoyed by the boys during Chief Timi Alaibe, and Mr. kingsley Kuku, has dampened the spirit of relevant harmony, between the FG and the Ex-militants, thereby widening the once sealed cracks on the walls.


The amnesty program has suffered a major set since came into office, with unpaid backlog of ex-militants allowances and trainees abroad, tuition fees of scholarship students, left unpaid, causing so much untold frustration and humiliation to those boys in a foreign clime. Leading to withdrawal from their institutions of learning, deportation back home, involvement in criminal and other anti-social vices, leading to several arrests, torture and subsequent torture, just to raise money in other to stay aloof. These boys are supposed to be benefiting handsomely. It was the same inability of Boro to settle the crisis that to the death of hundred of aggrieved youths over unpaid stipends.

The man Boro is so inexperienced, a retired brigadier General in Nigerian army, the most prestigious military ranks and file in whole of Africa, cannot use his dossiers of military intelligence and combat readiness to Mann a civilian office. Boro is quite unlike unlike his erstwhile predecessor; Chief Timi Alaibe, who in their tenure as SA’s to the FG on Amnesty imparted meaningfully to the capacity human development of the region.

Chief Timi Alaibe was sensitive to human capacity development so much so that, under his watch the program was optimally managed, and as the passionate human developer he is, Mr. Kuku who was PA, during his tenure as Director NDDC was hand picked from the same region to Mann the office prudently, as to focused on aims and objectives that will strengthen the manpower in the region. Who and what can he boast of elevating since his inception into that notable ministry one year ago.


The man Paul Boro among other things lacks vision, purposefulness and above all seems so indifference to key issues affecting his office; welfare of ex-militants registered into the amnesty program, not to mention the overall crisis rocking the entire region as a result of his insensitive nature towards tension brewing under his nose.

If Boro was sensitive to happenings in the Niger Delta, he would have taken precautionary measures, from whatever detailed information he might have gathered in the cause of his interaction with this boys and advised Mr. president accordingly, to avert the impending doom, which of course will certainly have dire consequences on the nation’s economy.

We can all attest to the singular undeniable fact, that when the militant activities were at its peak,; destruction pipeline, oil installation, etc. the NNPC recorded an alarming drastic nose-dive in oil production per, which also resulted in Nigerians delisting in OPEC, and our economies gradual sleep in the bosom of recess. Now that we are gradually recovering from the ugly experience of recession, with the increase in daily production, as a result of these boys obedience to PADEFS plea for cease-fire, and a chance to open up channels negotiations, the military is back to status quo ante.


Brigadier Paul Boro unconsciously displayed his lack of experience and inability to run the affairs of the ministry, when he could not convince PMB to attend to salient issues affecting his department, which failure bring about the failure of the PMB administration. Such issues on the front burner of national discourse, that when attended is sure to quell raising hormones, that are responsible for the obvious hostilities in the Niger Delta regions, e.g, Restructuring.

The term Restructuring may mean so many things for so many people, like they say, ‘different strokes for different folks’. But for those of us in the intellectual battle field, who understands a million statement and reasons to believe that, ‘goose that lays the golden egg should be the one to hatch it’. In simple language, the Niger Delta regions that produces the black crude, which has become our nations gold mine, should have a say in what they produce. It will be unfair and inhuman to deliberately impoverish a certain region of people and even deny them what is naturally theirs, just because another certain group believes they are destined and born with the scepter to rule over another for life, regardless of those peoples cry and demand to claim what rightfully belongs to them.

In the history of Nigeria, from the 60s, when the North and West were making so much money from their agricultural proceeds, and solid minerals from the mines, nobody contended or dared to deprive them of their rightful benefits. Since the Nigerian was wholly dependent on these regional products for exportation to boost its economy, they negotiated amicably whatever sharing formula between the FG the owners of the product, so that the percentage suits the regions that own those resources, in order the owned and controlled their resourced. So can anyone tell me why, the Niger Felta is in anyway different?

Even nature will not pardon anyone who advocates for no further state creation for Baylesa state, manipulating their stagnation through legislation and policies, for their selfish regional agenda. What is the criterion for state creation, that a state like Bayelsa that feeds the nation with her wealth cant meet. While drought stricken regions that can barely produce account for their population deserves countless states, thereby carting away billions of Naira meant develop the region bearing the nation’s wealth.

Can you convince me with available statistic that is proves the rational for Kano to have 44 LGSA’s, Makurdi 32, Borno 32, and other northern states with fictitious and alarming numbers of LGA’s. Further revelations of some staggering details are so provoking, so that even a child who has no stake in the matter will take to the streets to cry foul and protest for the country Nigerian to be restructured. The country called Nigeria is in a fix, in desperate need of revamping. What will certainly bring this country of this quagmire to the proud country our nationalist fought for, is to correct the many anomalies in the system, and this can only be done through Restructuring.


The redeployment of troops to the Niger delta has further brought to the fore, and highlighted the often spoken off insincerely of the FG. Instead of sticking to his own side of the bargain, after the cease-fire accord by militants, who warned the FG to withdraw his troops from the region and commence negotiations with them, or they will be forced to resume hostilities As a retired military brigadier in the Nigeria army, if the layman will expect such a man with such dignified achievement to put this wealth of rare experience into judicious use by, advising the FG against the deployment of troops into the oil rich regions of Niger delta.

Our students of history will tell you that this is not the first time such a draconian decision taken and implemented under democratic society against a peaceful civilian populace. In one of such several unholy and inhuman operations to creeks, the records show a senseless harassment of innocent people who are religiously going about their routine duties, arrest and torture of countless students and youths, who were later whisked away in the gory eyes of their loved one to be locked up in the dungeons without proper regard for human rights, law and order, causing thousands of people to become homeless and refugees in their own homelands.

The massacre of communities and towns to quench their trigger sizzling sensations and blood thirst; an unending barbaric lust in them to rape old and young females in sight, while the pay deaf ears to the echoes of pleas and cries for survival. Typical of the Unknown Soldier’s instinct and mentality to leave signatures of blood baths on their trail, after their guise of obeying the last order. ‘God no dey sleep’, is the poor man’s philosophy. So true to this school of thought, because the helpless people of the Niger Delta are not the casualties of the nefarious deeds.

May be as the late legendary afro beat succinctly describe them as, ‘zombies’, they are too lifeless to feel the pangs of losing their colleagues too, who are either becoming victims to natures reprisal on them, for killing and maiming his beloved creatures, with impunity, by drowning and other natural effects. If he is well grounded in his military escapade, or ability to manage the ex-militants as he claims, because, that’s a sensitive office created to oversee tension in the most troubled region, he should have be drawn to foresee the obvious fact, and writings on the wall, which clearly states that military operations causes tension and provocation in the minds of civilians, who are sometimes to weak or ignorant to fight back, but not taking that same notion to a group of people who are even experienced in combat, weaponry and military intelligence than most of the generals in the Nigerians.

What do you think will happen, if these same boys misconstrue your operations and maneuver a reprisal attack on your troops. When the military cannot even navigate its operational perimeters, thus mislead to die wandering till they drown in their boats. Not forgetting that the same militants understand the creeks like the palms of their fingers. I have said this before, but let me still say it, for emphasis sake. There are two hundred and twenty-two creeks in the Niger delta, can the military actually circumvent out of this snake-like creeks swarming with hidden militant camps. Let me state here categorically that, the military is again fishing in troubled waters. Because they will be walking into a den; their own death, if they provoke us to anger, by attempting to molest any of our members by any means necessary.


We also want use this medium to open the can of worms infesting the very fabrics of our struggle, manufactured by Boro himself. This is perhaps the most tangible reason why PANDEF and other well-meaning institutions imbued with the passion to see the Niger Delta emancipation from the vices of oppression. Boro cannot deny the fact that he is concocting up a scheme; a conniving team of dis-tractors, in guise of another dialogue, to alternate Elder E. K Clarks team, which is the officially recognizes team to negotiate with the FG on behalf of the Niger delta agitators.

This is in tandem with MENDS over ambitious and zealous plot to hijack the dialogue process, dubiously constituting one Aaron 2 dialogue team. The unending feud between MEND and PANDEF for supremacy dragged on for months, convincing the FG to take advantage of our shameless disunity to boycott further negotiations with our elders, feigning to be patient, till we speak one voice, as they claim not knowing the genuine group to discuss with. It is the courageous efforts of this house; NDRC, who stood against all odds to challenge and condemn MEND, to stay away from jeopardizing our enduring peace talks with the FG, for they MEND have ceased to exist, after embraced amnesty, in essence they are no longer regarded.

Now again another faction, led by Chief Loyibo and cohorts has emerged from the dark with their splinter group, nicknamed PNDPC, to truncate and sabotage PANDEFS efforts at reaching their desired goals, for the militants. It’s imperative to mention here that, Boro who is so vision-less and indifferent to the regions pride, and whose tenure in the amnesty office is marred with several irregularities has thrown the beaming success of the program into out ride failure is the sponsor of this group, for chief Loyibo is known to be his close confidant and stooge. Only God knows what he intends to achieve with this hideous plot, but it is crystal clear that the Loyibo group is a decoy, aimed at causing division amongst PANDEF, in order to discredit them before the FG, so as to dissuade him from dialogue with them and possibly deny them the opportunity negotiating their 16 point agenda, to achieve relevant success.

Chief Loyibo’s led PNDPC quest, confrontation and over ambitiousness towards displaying of powerful tussle with the elder statesman; Elder E.K Clark is an affront and show of disregard, disobedience and disloyalty to our traditional royal fathers, which is contrary to the ancestral believe and custom that binds the Izon nation. This is likened to a boy child to measure his manhood, with that of his aged father, in a bid to bear the kind of children and also attempt to achieve all that his father has labored for all his years over night.

He should understand the proverbial saying of our Lord Jesus Christ, who warned men against over ambitiousness; he said, and I quote, ‘who by worrying can add a single strand of hair to his head’. Why is he so daft in his frantic efforts for position, that greed has suddenly blinded his visions? Common sense should have reminded him of elder E.K Clarks antecedents; his giant stride to enforce peace in the region, even before he Chief Loyibo was born, his recognition, both national and international communities, and not to mention his political positions he had wielded over the years in Nigeria, that has contributed to the even development and peace that hovers all over us.

Has he for once pondered about the wealth of experience, wisdom and technical prowess with which Papa Clark is vested with to handle mountainous issues and decisions confronting him, and the holistic discernment of thoughts before arriving and giving advice, which ripple effects are certain to quench and calm boiling tensions.


W01 Izon-Ebi

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