The bane of business in Bayelsa State has always been the poll him down syndrome against would be political opponents.

Political in their usual characteristic manner add political color to everything, as things done by others as it always immediate benefit does not go into their own pockets.

This is the case in the front burner in Bayelsa State as the Governor Henry Seriake Dickson has incensed the Bayelsa State House of Assembly and the distinguished members of the House of Representatives against an indigenous security company, named Dalun Dragons Security Company that is doing a good job of protecting the pipelines, empowering the youths and the fragile Eco-system of Bayelsa State.

The Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders have been watching this drama from a neutral angle as the Governors big hand of oppression started by manipulating the House of Assembly and went further to remote-control the National Assembly to partake in the operation motivated by blind envy.

Thus the NDRC is saying that the Bayelsa State Governor’s move is to continue the demonic silent drill to destroy a good project because they may not benefit directly from the pie is crude and a dance to portray the Ijaw people as a stupid race and so the NDRC condemns this legislative charade which is just motivated by envy.

To further speak as the conscience of the Niger Delta, the Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders is making these resolutions to move the nation forward with respect to the Niger Delta peace initiatives;


After a broad several exhaustive consultations with other well meaning relevant agitation groups in the Niger Delta, the NDRC, have unanimously thrown its weight behind the President Muhammadu Buhari led anti-corruption administration, to sanitize the Nigeria and to move her towards even development.

This call has become pertinent as the President did not only continue with the laudable projects of the predecessors, but also stood his ground against the enemies of the Presidential Amnesty Program by not scrapping it, thereby bringing unending financial relieve to the youths of the Niger Delta region.


The NDRC is making a clarion call to the presidency and other stakeholders of the Niger Delta region to protest against the selfish ambitions of members of the Niger Delta Development Commission.

The call for this dissolution of the NDDC’s board is due to abandonment of projects across the Niger delta region. Also award of contracts like the clearing of water hyacinth in the Niger Delta creeks and waterways, which were initially given out to credible indigenous youths of such areas as to cushion the effects of their deprivation by the oil companies – engagement and empowerment of youths, have recently been denied them and given to politicians as political patronage to build their political ambitions towards the 2019 elections.

Another salient reason for the resolution of the NDDC board is their failure to pay contractual sums of money owed to contractors of such huge projects, though when this monies are even disbursed, the board negligently cannot monitor the extend of work at such sites, thus allowing contractors go unmanned.


On behalf of all Niger agitators, we heartily felicitate and laud the appointment of Prof. Charles Dokubo, as the new Special Adviser to the Presidency on the Amnesty Program. This is quite commendable because we in the NDRC aptly believe in the dossiers of the Prof.; that the Presidential program under sound leadership of elder statesman will definitely bring a sigh of relief to the anticipated beneficiaries.

As expected of a worth leader who shares in the pains of his followers, just some few days to his inception into office, he approved the retraining of the participants of the first, second and third phase of the program on acquisition of profitable skill.

Also the outstanding areas owed to these ex-militants by his predecessors were approved and judiciously disbursed to individual beneficiaries of the program. Prof. Charles Dokubo has gone a step further than his erstwhile Boss’ by assuring inclusion of more agitators into the program, and the payment of welfare packages and stipends to stakeholders of the region.


We want to use opportunity to laud Prof. Charles Dokubo, for engaging Mr. Douglass Oyakemeagbegha, as Chief of Protocol to his office. Whom we perceive to be a very vibrant and committed youth in the Niger Delta struggle, understands how the Amnesty program can benefit the agitators largely.


The NDRC is humbly calling on the federal Government to keep a close watch on the Amnesty training center projects across the regions that has not been completed by the previous coordinators. This should be done in earnest as to avoid the projects failures experimented during the tenures of the former SA’s, as monies have been earmarked for their completion.


Conclusively, in order not to provoke the law abiding youths of the region to go back to their criminal tendencies, the NDRC is calling his Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari to use his executive powers to stop the Bayelsa State Government from further incursion into lawful operations of the indigenous Dalun and Dragon security company, as this company has impacted bountifully into the life’s of the youths in the region, so as to maintain the relative peace enjoyed in the communities.

We are sending a serious message to this effect, because if the state Government and his cohorts are not called to desist from their malicious act of threatening to ban that company from operations, we shall mobilize all the aggrieved youths against him.



W01 Izon-Ebi

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