We congratulate you sir, Prof. Charles Quaker Dokubo on your appointment as Special Adviser to President on Niger Delta Matters and Coordinator Presidential Amnesty Program. We have observed in the few months you assumed office that you have genuine intention to maintain peace in Niger Delta and bring development to our Region.
Haven, taken a critical appraisal of your stewardship since you assumed office we the executives and members of the Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders use this medium to commend you for the good works done so far and also encourage you to do more. We assure you of our support for your administration as far as it’s in the interest of our region.

The reasons for our support to you are obvious and not limited to:

  1. Your genuine intention to bring development to our region
  2. Total overhaul of the Amnesty office
  3.  Prompt payment of monthly stipends / allowances
  4. Your promise to take empowerment directly to the grassroots
  5. Award of scholarships both local and Foreign
  6. Award of contracts to our indigenous people.

Sir, you will recall on the 1 st of August 2018 in the Vanguard Newspaper publication, a militant group named 21 st century youths threatened to return to the creeks as the ceasefire agreement they had with Federal Government of Nigeria is over. They claim Government have failed to keep its promises on all items and issues agreed upon during the ceasefire period which was signed seven month ago.

Although they claim to be acting in our region interest, we believe this group is misguided by disgruntled politicians, greed, impatient and sinister plot to instigate crisis in our region which have been relatively peaceful in the last few months. We urge them to have a re-think and not throw our region into unnecessary crisis. We are not part of them.


WO1 Izon-Ebi

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