Our New Year Message to Nigerians

The Niger Delta struggle is all about the Emancipation of the Niger Delta and cutting loose the spiritual chains of modern slavery, Degradation, Exploration, Poverty, Underdevelopment, Oppression, Injustice and total Extinction of the Niger Delta people by the activities of the multi National oil companies that are only interested in the drilling of the oil with impunity and the Nigerian Nation interested in making profit thereby endangering the health and well-being of the Niger Delta people.

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Boro’s Appointment Regretful

We the members of the Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders and other recognized active agitators, even in unison with the ex-militants hereby unanimously pass a vote of no confidence on Rtd. Brigadier Paul Boro, SA to the FG on the Amnesty program. This clarion call for his resignation is sequel to the multifarious and shoddy manner in which he is handling the office, since his inception. Read more

Heaven Would not Fail

The Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders and the 21st century youths of the Niger Delta is in total support of several resolutions of various agitators and NGOs for the total resource control and fiscal federalism as the only panacea for the different maladies plaguing the region.

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Now or Never

The NDRC and the 21st century youths of the Niger Delta are very proud of our future leaders that converged in port Harcourt under the name; Niger Delta Young Leaders Stakeholders round-table meeting of 5th July 2017. The NDRC and the 21st century youths support the stance of the Niger Delta

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